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Community is Everything 

People buy from brands trusted in the community

We connect brands to local customers

Promote Your Business Through Local Communities

Our hyper-local platforms empower businesses to connect, engage, and retain customers while amplifying their brand through our marketing and partner network.

Local Partner Network

Choose from hundreds of partner networks with verified opt-in emails and engaged communities. Easily launch campaigns.

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Current Partner Network Size 
Partner Organzations & Local Influencers 

Human Centric Interactions

Why Your Business and Urban Local 

Building strong, lasting relationships with customers is essential for increasing customer lifetime value and building brand loyalty. Relationship marketing involves acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers to drive recurring revenue. This approach requires a more human and customer-centric interaction style. Brands need to align with consumer needs and build mutually beneficial relationships with personalized content and offers. Email and SMS/MMS messaging remain effective channels for revenue generation, while advertising's direct impact on sales is declining.

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