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Urban Local

Custom-Branded Marketplace Platforms that Empower

Local Businesses & Generate New Revenue

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The Local Economy Needs a Digital Infrastructure

Building Smart Cities 

Local businesses and service providers across industries face real challenges managing, monetizing, and marketing their business locally.

There is a dire need for a local digital infrastructure to support local businesses.


The Urban Local Solution

Hyper-Local Technology 

Through the platform, local businesses gain access to software that enables them to connect with their customers and monetize their business. The business software embeds into existing websites and automatically lists the business offerings in the marketplace, giving businesses added promotional benefits and exposure.

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Empowering Local Businesses 

An End-to End Solution

The hyper-local marketplace hosts services, offers, events, groups, and products. It’s a digital space for businesses to promote their business, engage with customers and businesses, and access resources, events, and networking opportunities. 

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Seamless Activation

Built-In Local Search Engine

  • The local marketplace hosts all local businesses through a Google API but activated businesses show up as featured businesses on the custom-branded platform

  • Activated businesses receive custom software enabling them to sell services, events, digital products, memberships, blogs and even generated leads that are connected to their website and built-in CRM 

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Local Content and SEO

Blogs, Events, and RSS Feeds

  • Businesses' offerings, such as services, products, events, offers, blogs, and articles, automatically post to the marketplace. Each piece of content has built-in SEO and can be easily shared via email or social media via the powerful sharing features.


  • We can also activate RSS feeds and AI-generated local content, happenings, events and more. All of which can be tagged and searched on the community marketplace platform. This also helps with SEO and organic traffic to the platform.

Chambers Of Commerce

Local Partnerships 

  • Each Chamber can have a it’s hyper-local listing and group on the platform

  • The listings can activate a marketplace for thier member businesses

  • Chambers can connect their listings to thier websites and even collect membership fees

  • Chambers can post events, resources and networking opportunities

  • Revenue Generation and Affiliate Options Available

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New Sponsorship Revenue

Corporate Sponsors

Activate new revenue through the digital platform. We provide you with templated sponsorship decks that enable you to provide your sponsors with an ROI through platform ads, email monetization, and community notifications. Your Sponsors also receive robust analytics to ensure sponsorship success.


Local Jobs Engine

Economic Empowerment 

  • Built-In Real-Time Jobs Search Engine

  • All Industries

  • Real-Time Jobs Applications & Responses

  • Major Employers

  • Revenue Generation and Affiliate Options Available


Unlock Opportunities for Local Businesses
New Revenue

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